talking to SphinxQL from java

since a while Sphinx search can be queried not only by their own non-standard interface but also using regular mysql client. they call this feature SphinxQL.

replacement for esva

i’ve been happy user of ESVA / global-domination [virtual in my case] appliance for mail and antivirus filtering. unfortunately it seems that was one-man project and it’s pretty much dead by now. official website – no longer works since ~ march 2010.

exchange 2010 under windows 2008 r2

there is something about exchange… or at least exchange >2003. in 2008 i did my best to install exchange 2007 under windows 2008. and i failed miserably. i gave up and went for ex2003 under w2003 which serves very well. recently i tried to get ex2010 work under w2008r2. and i even succeeded after numerous ... Read More

dnssec panic

[scratchpad] read this. debian’s bind9 works just fine. for windows 2003 server dnscmd /Config /EnableEDnsProbes 1 based on this. i got an interesting answer here