squeezing water out of jepgs, pngs

jpegoptim can reduce size of JPG files. if used without -m option it’s lossless. apt-get install jpegoptim find . -type f -exec jpegoptim -m80 {} ‘;’ for pngs there are few tools out of which i found pngcrush to give best results. unfortunately it does not work ‘in-place’ and temporary file needs to be created ... Read More

pigz –rsyncable, rdiff

i’m backing up in total ~90GB of mysqldumps each night. the more data, the bigger pain it is.

hibernation for windows 2012 server

run cmd as admin and there: after that control panel>hardware>power options>change advanced power settings and hibernate is available that did a trick for windows 2012 server on an old poweredge 1950 server. unfortunately wake on lan refused to work despite of: in the control panel > network and internet > network connections for the lan ... Read More