excel 2010 displays garbage when opening xls documents from the web

while migrating few dozens of users to new desktops with the new office 2010 i’ve encountered a problem: when users open xls [saved in the excel 97-2003 format] directly from the web browser and allow editing excel displays garbage. amount of garbage depends but sometimes it makes the spreadsheet completely unusable. things get even worse ... Read More


i like gtd, i’ve heard first time about the idea around 2006. since then i use some tiny-little-miniature form of it on daily basis; it boils down to writing things down, using reminders, tasks and todo lists. in other words – having OCD / being anal. i still manage to miss things, but in general ... Read More

higher TCP ICW – real world tests

this post inspired me to check how much performance can we gain by just upgrading to more recent kernel on the internet-facing proxy servers at work.

[pl] petelicki

dobre podsumowanie serji brutalnych samobojstw tutaj. a lemingi w najlepsze griluja cieszac sie co tym co im mainstream podrzuci. ciekawe komentarze na stronie michalkiewicza. + dla przeciwwagi – confirmation bias aka efekt potwierdzenia.