so… i’m Pawel Kudzia, also known as .pQd or .PaKud – IT nut born in in 1980 in Koszalin / Poland, highly educated at Gdansk University of Technology. after 10 years of work in Sweden i’m living again in Poland, this time in Warsaw.

i’ve been learning programming since the age of ~14. first with Basic, then Pascal, later C and C++, x86 Assembly.

i’m not web-developer but since 1999 i’ve written plenty of ‘code behind’ – mostly in PHP and Java.

i fool around with linux & networking – i started sysadmin work at 2003 and do not plan to finish it any soon. since 2008 i’m also developing server-side of time-series database solution – most of coding is done in Java.

i like outdoors – i cycle and walk a lot. you can find some pictures taken during travels at http://fot.kudzia.eu

i used to work at ecowin / reuters. nowadays i work at macrobond financial. i also do a bit of freelancing – focusing on administration of linux systems and architecture of backends.

what’s the purpose of this blog?

it’s an extension of my short memory. i also hope it helps some readers who stumble on the same issues that i’ve stumbled on while wrestling with Linux and ‘computers’ in general.