installation of debian wheezy on mdadm raid1 + gpt

in branch offices i tend to install two identical pcs running linux and working in active – hot-spare setup. things evolved over time – one location has both routers running under vmware esxi on two different hosts, another – hardware raid, other – desktop-class pcs with single hard drives. hardware raids are good as long ... Read More

“z mocy bezprawia” – sumlinski – prelekcja Wojciecha Sumlińskiego ; miedzy innymi studium niszczenia czlowieka, bagno systemu sadowniczego i nierozliczonej przeszlosci.

adventure with green drives

wd [and other vendors] sell green drives; they are reasonably cheap but have annoying tendency to spin down very very quickly. i bought recently 2x WD20NPVT-00Z2TT0 with intention of using them [in very unprofessional fashion] in PERC6 RAID1 array.