BLKDE3815TYKH0E headaches

we’re setting up a small computer that will act as vpn end-point. we decided to try something smaller this time – BLKDE3815TYKH0E. as it turned out it’s not as well polished as one would expect from intel. my colleagues had to pull out debian wheezy usb pend-rive with the installer to be able to finish ... Read More

sip-audio-session, new libxml2

i’m using nagios to wake me up. not every day – only when there’s some outage. i have pair of nagios servers – one in Sweden, one in Poland – they cross-check one another and – for the most critical problems – send sms and make a phone call. for sms’es i’m using, for ... Read More

xwiki, html macro tag and unwanted javascript

xwiki – by default – allows contributors to embed arbitrary html, including javascript. it does not take much effort to include something like: then you just need to lure your victim into visiting given wiki page while being logged – you’ll get a http request containing that person’s cookie that can be re-used to impersonate ... Read More