Taling Chan floating market, Bangkok hike

i stayed in Bangkok for 3 nights. i took one-day trip to Ayutthaya and have spent rest of the time hiking around. the longest hike i took was to Taling Chan floating market. as in many other cases it was more about the way there and back than the destination itself.


as in 2012 i’ve done a one-day trip to Ayutthaya. it was very much worth repeating and getting away from noisy Bangkok.

Chumphon, Hua Hin

on my way from Koh Tao to Bangkok i’ve stayed for one night at Chumphon and then Hua Hin. the first one was totally not-touristy, second – quite opposite; i’m glad that i decided not to rush towards Thailand’s capital and visited both.

hiking on Koh Tao

i took a ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Tao and stayed there for 2 nights. the island was quite touristy but still worth visiting. i looked at the map and thought to myself.. if there’s a route coming from the west and another one from the east – there surely must be some path ... Read More

hiking on Koh Samui

during my recent trip to Thailand i’ve spent 4 days at the Koh Samui island. i’ve stayed in the southern part – near Baan Hua Thanon – fisherman village with quite obvious Muslim influence. the choice was great – area was not very touristy and a great starting point for hikes.

Golden Hill Country Park

while visiting Hong Kong this winter my colleague and ex-flatmate from Goteborg times took me to the Kowloon Byewash Reservoir / Golden Hill Country Park.