bridge on vlans on active-backup bonding under debian stretch

i use this setup for few lxc servers. bonding provides me layer2 failover based on arp probes [ so it’ll work even if switch link stays up yet forwarding fails the mechanism will kick in ]. this is continuation of an earlier post, this time under debian stretch

“out of range” on drac console when booting debian stretch

i’ve installed debian stretch on an old dell poweredge 2950. after booting it i saw grub, few lines from kernel and then green screen with “out of range”: reboot, on the grub menu select “*Debian GNU/Linux”, press e, hilight a line with linux /boot/vmlinuz-4.9.0-3-amd64 root=/dev/sda1 ro quiet, add there vga=normal fb=false nomodeset and press ctrl+x ... Read More