supermicro server getting stuck on “loading initial ramdisk”

i had a quite puzzling moment today when a server refused to boot up after routine maintenance. order of events: datacenter technician has taken server down and added Mellanox 25Gbit network card server booted up cleanly with Debian Buster and aged kernel 4.19.0-6 i’ve rebooted the server again and changed cpu performance settings in bios ... Read More

supermicro IPMI – mounting iso image via samba

reminder for my self in case i need to do it again, relevant for X11DDW-NT and likely – other their platforms: log-in to the IPMI web interface, go to virtual media > CD-ROM image, provide: share host – ip or hostname of samba server. for instance: paht to image – backlash share name backslash ... Read More

letting dbeaver talk with manticoresearch

here’s what i did to get dbeaver 7.3.2 + oracle’s JDBC mysql-connector-java-8.0.17.jar work with manticoresearch 3.5.4: /etc/manticoresearch/manticore.conf, under searchd: in dbeaver – new connection using oracle’s JDBC driver as above, under data editor – set ResultFetchSize to 0 to prevent errors like this: when i initially tried to get it working with JDBC driver from ... Read More