intellij freezing on startup + putty routinely failing to bind to ports used for ssh tunneling

for the past few weeks i was plagued by putty randomly failing to bind to ports used for ssh tunneling giving me in its log “forwarding failed: Network error: Permission denied” today my intellij failed to launch – it was freezing on the splash screen, C:\Users\xxxxxxxxxxxx\AppData\Local\JetBrains\IdeaIC2021.2\log\log.log had: that brought me to and workaroudn described ... Read More

crude way to restore postgresql database dump to table with a different name

i needed to restore specific table, backed up via pg_dump, to the same database / schema but under different name. that’s what i’ve done pv dump.zstd|pzstd -dc - |sed 's/name_of_original_table/name_of_renamed_table/g'|su - postgres -c 'psql dbname' this only works if all constrains / indices have in their name name of the original table.

booting KVM VM from an iso image

let’s say you have a vm, maybe with debian. and that vm stopped booting, maybe because of grub corruption. what do you do? add under devices – for pc-i440fx arch: and for pc-q35-3.1: then in the os section change boot from dev=’hd’ to dev=’cdrom’: then also – this article describes how to go back from ... Read More

ClickHouse – dictionary with string keys

i wanted to create a clickhouse dictionary that used String as a key, not an int. docs mention here: “A composite key can consist of a single element. This makes it possible to use a string as the key, for instance”. I’ve been trying this and failed few times. creation worked but i could not ... Read More

clickhouse – getting n most significant digits of a number

i’m testing some wild idea of finding matches in quite a large dataset. part of the problem is that scaling of input is unknown, 123 might be correct match for 1.23 or for 12.3. here’s an expression that returns me n=4 most significant digits of each float from the input array:

suddenly in-kernel communication between lxc containers gets erratic

we’re using LXC containers to host multiple workloads on the same physical servers. e.g. few instances of database servers running side-by-side. once in a while we end up with strange situation where tcp connections between containers running on the same physical server get torn down abruptly. in our case – this manifested e.g. by those ... Read More

switching source of SVN replica

i have svn replica that follows in near-real-time a master server using below run every few seconds: i had to change url of the source server; to reconfigure the the replica i’ve done:

changing source url of the svn repository replica

i have bunch of svn read-only replicas. they were created using: replication [ fetching of earlier not downloaded revisions ] is done via: to check from which url my replica repo fetches updates: to change it – run: that’s it – next execution of svnsync will fetch the data from the new origin url based ... Read More

“Verify your Kindle document” for pdfs self-mailed to my kindle

whenever i travel i like to use kindle for reading some articles that i’ve earlier collected. for collecting i use a simple PHP script with rich text editor that allows me to copy & paste content and then mail it to my kindle address. recently i’ve started getting requests from Amazon to approve each document ... Read More

xiaomi robot vaccuum disassembly

i have 1st gen xiaomi mi robot vacuum cleaner. it’s been serving very well for the past 3 years. this video was very helpful with disassembly when i had to replace the main sucking motor fan: i had to replace a fan and bought instead of ; not an exact fit but ... Read More


clickhouse is a column oriented OLAP database. i’ve started using it about half a year ago. i’m impressed. earlier i’ve read about it on percona’s blog but did not fully grasp how performant it was. i’ve tried it when i wrestling with MariaDB’s query planner on table with ~100M rows got me tired and each ... Read More

supermicro server getting stuck on “loading initial ramdisk”

i had a quite puzzling moment today when a server refused to boot up after routine maintenance. order of events: datacenter technician has taken server down and added Mellanox 25Gbit network card server booted up cleanly with Debian Buster and aged kernel 4.19.0-6 i’ve rebooted the server again and changed cpu performance settings in bios ... Read More

supermicro IPMI – mounting iso image via samba

reminder for my self in case i need to do it again, relevant for X11DDW-NT and likely – other their platforms: log-in to the IPMI web interface, go to virtual media > CD-ROM image, provide: share host – ip or hostname of samba server. for instance: paht to image – backlash share name backslash ... Read More

letting dbeaver talk with manticoresearch

here’s what i did to get dbeaver 7.3.2 + oracle’s JDBC mysql-connector-java-8.0.17.jar work with manticoresearch 3.5.4: /etc/manticoresearch/manticore.conf, under searchd: in dbeaver – new connection using oracle’s JDBC driver as above, under data editor – set ResultFetchSize to 0 to prevent errors like this: when i initially tried to get it working with JDBC driver from ... Read More