btrfs and nfs dont play nicely together

i use ghettoVCB to take backups of vmware esxi 6.5 vms. data is copied to a nfs share hosted on Debian Linux. for over a year i used btrfs partition as an underlying datastore for the nfs share. and i just could not get it to work for backups which size larger than available RAM ... Read More

ghettoVCB failing randomly on larger VMs

at work we’re using happily to back up and restore VMWare ESXi VMs. since a few weeks we’ve started to experience occasional failures of backups, only for one – larger VMs. in the logs produced in /tmp/ghettoVCB-2017-04-xxx.log we got: or after some head scratching, watching at iostat -x 1 and ifstat -b 1 -i ... Read More

pigz –rsyncable, rdiff

i’m backing up in total ~90GB of mysqldumps each night. the more data, the bigger pain it is.