sphinxsearch reborn as manticoresearch?

for the past year number of commits in my favorite open source text-search server – the sphinxsearch project – has dropped to nearly 0. looks like in the meanwhile some of the old contributors moved to another project – manticoresearch. the website of the new project features two prominent supporters – craigslist and boardreader. fingers ... Read More

sphinx text search – sorting the results by relevancy

a while ago i helped a colleague with moving away from mysql-based text search based on MATCH .. AGAINST to sphinxsearch to improve the performance. without much surprise this helped a lot to improve the response time. recently i was asked to take a look at the setup again and see if we can do ... Read More

new sphinx, new connector/j headaches

sphinx 2.0.3 is out; and as new drama of getting mysql’s connector/j begins. i did not figure out [yet] any way of making both work using the latest 5.1.18 connector, but at least i’ve managed to convince one that i use now [ 5.1.15 ] to work with sphinx. what works: mysql-connector-java-5.1.13-bin.jar but.. only if ... Read More