vendor lock-in for raids in 11th gen poweredge servers

something i’ve mailed my dell sales-rep…

I’d like to express my concerns about Dell strategy of shipping broken raid controllers [ H700 / H800 ] with 11th gen PowerEdge servers.
By this I mean blocking non-dell hard drives as described here and in couple other places listed at the end of this post.
I understand that it is still possible to order PERC6 with newer servers, but something tells me that those sooner or later will be phased out.

I have not added any new hard drives so far to 30+ dell servers that I take care of, neither I plan to do any upgrades, yet I like the feeling that I’m running machines that comply to industry standards and allow easy upgrade without relying on a single vendor. It seems that now Dell wants to take a path of DECs, IBMs and Suns of the previous era.
It’s obvious for me that you cannot provide support for components not tested with your hardware – but warning customer is one thing, denying her/him to use 3rd party components – something completely else.

I doubt that voice of tiny clients like us can change anything but yet I’d like it to be heard.

Some more reference:

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20100409 – i just got mail from dell:

Dell will no longer prevent customer use of non-Dell hard drives attached to PERC H700 and H800 controllers on our 11th generation of PowerEdge servers. A Q2FY11 PERC Firmware Update is planned to allow non-Dell hard drives to be used with these controllers.

which is cool….
more here.

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