dd-wrt on dlink dir-600 b2 router

my old linksys router died violently – power led shines, but links on all lan ports were going down after few seconds from bootup. i bought replacement dlink dir-600 and decided to try dd-wrt firmware on it. it went better than expected!.

..well at the end at lest. my new dir-600 has hardware revision b2. i failed to use newest firmware provided on dd-wrt project website – i was getting “The chosen file is not a valid firmware image file.” error. but.. it was enough to take oldest available “webflash image” – “v24 preSP2 Build13064” – and then, from withing dd-wrt, upgrade to the newest one.

so – dd-wrt is installed, but what’s in it for me? one of cool things is ability to run multiple ssids on the same device – i have one unencrypted/open wifi and one protected with wpa. both of them use separate ip subnets, have separate dhcp servers and are treated differently on the firewall. it is a bit too early to say that i’m happy with the stability, but so far – for last week – it works well up to the point that i already forgot about it.

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