surge 2011 presentations

playlist: here most interesting [to me] talks: Keynote ~ Ben Fried A journey through the full stack in search of performance and reliability Theo Schlossnagle – Closing Plenary Theo Schlossnagle – Architectures for real-time data Scaling Etsy: What Went Wrong, What Went Right

[pl/en] Czeczenia / Chechnya

Czeczenia – Cena prawdy / Chechnya – the price of truth. Chechnya The Dirty War another movie by the same director [ Mariusz Pilis ] Exit afghanistan –

switching reverse proxy from apache2 to nginx

i’ve been planning for a while to move away from apache2 as a reverse proxy in front of java appservs and start using nginx. i had two reasons: nginx can handle much better large number of concurrent connections [something we can make use of if we start using long-poll/comet], nginx gives more control over buffering …

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Justice with Michael Sandel

pop-philosophy [aka the light version] with a political edge: playlist on yt. i’ve converted all of the lectures to mp3 [using this] so now i have something to listen to during the evening walks. as a counterbalance to the ‘soft’ stuff – 28c3 recordings:, and a list of talks; most interesting [for me] …

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new sphinx, new connector/j headaches

sphinx 2.0.3 is out; and as new drama of getting mysql’s connector/j begins. i did not figure out [yet] any way of making both work using the latest 5.1.18 connector, but at least i’ve managed to convince one that i use now [ 5.1.15 ] to work with sphinx. what works: mysql-connector-java-5.1.13-bin.jar but.. only if …

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