data recovery from dying hard disk with dd

situation: i receive notebook with hdd in agonal state. winxp no longer boots up. i decide to connect hdd to desktop pc. bios detects it, but operating system [another winxp] is unable to recognize partitions. surprisingly linux [namely knoppix] detects partitions and is even able to read some files from secondary partition. i take another ... Read More

weekend off : poland

random snapshot of unusual weekend. i took a day off on previous Friday and got flight to Poland. objective – attend the wedding of kov & Monika.


victims and perpetrators at the same time: Thomas and me, time of events: 20070303-20060310, place: Spain. mainly Andalusia.


one-day trip took with rav & ola in Norway’s capital


i think i should start having regular job as tour-guide around goteborg. for last two weeks i was pretty busy with showing around two of my friends from poland – ola & rav. we’ve visited all usual suspects in goteborg, went to oslo, took sauna few times, had a party. i’ll do my best to ... Read More

slacker season

summer. 20-25 C degrees, sunshine. bike/swimming/going around just for sake of it just about every evening. almost perfect. some of those rare in-front-of-the-pc activities: i’ve installed ubuntu to see if it’s any good. verdict? e.. i already have debian, why should i get something like it that is not exactly debian? maybe if i would ... Read More

day after effect

usual ‘day after effect’. i’m not hanged over but yet not everything goes as it should. you wake up, feel quite fresh but yet failing to figure out what’s the point and meaning of things that happen around is more painful than usually. it’s that simple – after few drinks i get more depressed [or ... Read More

holiday plans

first time in my life – after 3 years of miserable career in it business – i’ve faced unavoidable : i have to take my holidays, and there is no discussion about it. so i started planning. i think i’ll go for few weekly trips. some destinations i consider: dublin [really cheap flights from gothenburg ... Read More

this and that

some recent readings… – it might be surprising but i do read. something. sometimes..

everything fails

…or more precisely already failed, is failing right now or definitively will fail. i’m getting this lesson one more time in a hard way. number of anomalies i’ve encountered during last 3 weeks exceeded critical threshold.

iso/osi layer model violation

debian GNU/Linux, and open source in general, earn my living on a daily basis. most bizzare combination of tools with just minimum network hardware saved my bottom many times. on the list of most appreciated software besides obvious parts like kernel with its networking code, openssh, apache, php and so on i have to put: ... Read More

surviving the weekend – my way.

friday afternoon. i managed to escape from work at ~5.3o pm. could ‘ve been worse. went home and hunted for my customers. it’s a strategical moment… either i can be buried in work for next one week, be work-less and sentenced to spend weekend not doing anything or – as in this case – gather ... Read More

it took a while

…untill i signed for more permanent contract in sweeden, at gothenburg. now i’ll [probably] got stuck here for a while – a year or two. about my current job i can tell exactly the same as about other current and previous: interesting, with great atmosphere and nice people, well paid [select one or two in ... Read More

getting root acces to your linux without knowing the password

you have your linux box… and you dont remember root password. it happens all the time, doesnt it? you can change the password if you have direct access to computer’s console and there is no additional protection on boot-loader level. you just need to provide additional parameters to the kernel: single init=/bin/bash to do so ... Read More

poor mans multihoming under linux

purpose: utilize simultaneously symmetric and asymmetric internet connections on linux router to achieve cost efficient way of providing internet access for few dozens of users. why? symmetric connections to internet still tend to be overpriced, poland is no exception. small ISPs providing internet access for 100 or 200 users usually cannot afford pipes fat enough ... Read More