audible / drm

i’ve made a mistake of buying an audiobook from before doing it i’ve briefly checked if the file will be provided in mp3; according to yes. in reality – no.
i’m setting up some rented server. it has 2x ssd drives on which i’ll be running raid1 with mdadm with ext4. installation of debian wheezy went fine but i wanted to use fstrim to prevent write performance degradation over time. it did not work under 3.2.0 kernel giving me: after quick googling i learned that ... Read More


while sopa/pipa legislation in the US seems to be postponed after a wave of protests acta in EU/Poland is doing just fine; acta possibly will be ratified [at least in Poland] without much of the mainstream attention. is pushing this law through the EU parliament going to be the only ‘success’ of otherwise pathetic polish ... Read More