“error: internal error: unable to execute QEMU command ‘transaction’: Could not create file: Permission denied” when creating a snapshot under KVM

debian buster brings apparmor. apparmor brings problems – eg it’s too restrictive for libvirt KVM guests and does not allow KVM to create snapshot-related files in VM’s folders. so far i did not find a clean and generic way to address it so i had to disable apparmor for libvirt by adding security_driver = “none” ... Read More

sip-audio-session, new libxml2

i’m using nagios to wake me up. not every day – only when there’s some outage. i have pair of nagios servers – one in Sweden, one in Poland – they cross-check one another and – for the most critical problems – send sms and make a phone call. for sms’es i’m using budgetsms.net, for ... Read More