lenny to squeeze upgrade – aftermath

few problems/differences i’ve noticed after upgrade of debian.

bash vs dash

by default new debian symlinks /bin/sh to dash shell instead of bash as in lenny. in turn some of my [lousy] scripts broke. few examples:

cat > b <<<"

when /bin/sh points to bash just works, when it’s dash:

/a: 2: Syntax error: redirection unexpected

other example:

if [ $counter == "tsearch" ] || [ $counter ==  "dsearch" ] ; then
        echo 'x'

will work fine with bash, but under dash will result with:

[: 6: a: unexpected operator
[: 6: a: unexpected operator

solution? write better code or change shebang to point to /bin/bash

list of other problems that might occur

suhosin.get.max_value_length defaults to 512

which means that any values passed by GET and longer than 512 chars will not be passed to $_REQUEST and $_GET vars.
it seems that in lenny there was no such limitation at all.

someone else noticed this problem too

solution – start using post or increase the limit.

mysql login truncation

this is actually related to upgrade from mysql 5.0 to mysql 5.1.
description can be found here.

solution – reconfigure application that talks to mysql to use truncated login.

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