ucarp and vmware esxi

i’ve moved a linux router from 9yo physical box to a vm running under esxi 6.5. it’s a designated master in pair of master / slave managed by ucarp. it took me a while to figure out why it was not working – why didn’t the slave ‘see’ the master machine? as it turned out ... Read More

mounting partitions from within of the vmware’s .vmdk file

i’m taking backups of vmware esxi vms weekly using ghettovcb. it has been working greatly for many years. once in a while i need to recover a particular file from particular backup. there’s quicker way than just restoring the whole vm!

vmware esxi 5.1 keeping mac address after moving to a new hardware

i had to move hard disks containing installed esxi 5.1 from one server to another. after i booted up a new server there was an unexpected surprise for me… vmware ‘kept’ the mac address assigned to the management interface from the old machine. so for a while i had duplicate mac address: legitimately on the ... Read More