it took a while

…untill i signed for more permanent contract in sweeden, at gothenburg. now i’ll [probably] got stuck here for a while – a year or two. about my current job i can tell exactly the same as about other current and previous: interesting, with great atmosphere and nice people, well paid [select one or two in best case].

at least since last few weeks i’ve started to like sweeden. during last week i had a chance to show some guests from poland around gothenburg and… i started to appreciated even more the place i happen to live for half a year already. city, compared to gdansk or koszalin, is really tidy, quite, peaceful. lot of green spaces, lack of heavy traffic in the center, not much crowd outside – all of it makes chilling out after crazy work much easier. besides – it feels [suspiciously] safe, but probably that’s just a disguise ;-]. even climate is pretty good [i’d say it’s better than in gdansk]. prices compared to polis still look like prohibitively expensive but i’ve already learned what to buy where to keep salary on swedish level and expenses – still on polish.

well. i’ve signed a pact with the devil ^H corporate, so i can start to take some benefits out of it. i’ve started with one year of entrance to swimming pool. this [besides lack of proper bike, and fat pipe to internet [fatness should be measured in 10s of Mbps]] is one of those things i was really missing for last 6 months. getting bored with swimming few times a week is probably meter of time, but i’m quite happy with it at the moment.

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