Benford’s law

by a coincidence [process well described in this xkcd’s comics] i’ve stumbled on the definition of Benford’s law. since i have access to quite a lot of different economic & financial data i’ve decided to check if that law applies also to it.


few articles about mild form of autism: Jeff Atwood – Software Developers and Asperger’s Syndrome Tracy Mayor/computerworld – Asperger’s and IT: Dark secret or open secret? sounds familiar?


20090317-malaga,antequera,torremolinos 20090318-torremolinos,ronda,manilva 20090319-manilva,gibraltar,la barrosa 20090320-la barrosa,cadiz,sevilla 20090321-sevilla,carmona,almodovar del rio,cordoba 20090322-cordoba 20090323-cordoba,sierra nevada,granada 20090324-granada,calahonda 20090325-calahonda,malaga 20090326-malaga pics: lesson learned: leaving car with couple of backpacks at the back seat in spain is bad idea. window to back door in ford focus + replacement costs 90E.


i think i should start having regular job as tour-guide around goteborg. for last two weeks i was pretty busy with showing around two of my friends from poland – ola & rav. we’ve visited all usual suspects in goteborg, went to oslo, took sauna few times, had a party. i’ll do my best to …

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everything fails

…or more precisely already failed, is failing right now or definitively will fail. i’m getting this lesson one more time in a hard way. number of anomalies i’ve encountered during last 3 weeks exceeded critical threshold.