one-day trip took with rav & ola in Norway’s capital

we’ve took swebusexpress bus from goteborg to oslo – it takes ~ 3.5h to get there [ we started at 7.3o, and arrived to norway’s capital at 11.oo ]. we got ourselvs some additional maps and started walking around. we’ve just reached slotsparken [ park with king’s palace ] and it was high time to go back to the harbour and catch up a ferry trip around fiords. at 13.oo we’ve started ~ 2h trip around fiords / oslo harbour. honestly i’ve been expecting something more…stunning. but that was good enough anyway. after this trip we got back near the city, visited nobel museum and allegedly munch museum in the townhall. then we got on passanger ferry and visited kontiki museum [ history of some crazy guys swimming across oceans on the raft in the first half of XXth century ] and fram musem [ some other crazy guy getting to antarctica ]. yet another ferry trip and we’ve been back to the city…and then it started to rain. ignoring weather outside we took a tube to holmenkollen to see ski-jump. [i’m not sure if train that climbs ~250m – from the sea level to the hill is still tube] holmenkollen ski-jump is really magnificent one – you can see it during boat trip around harbour from the distance of ~ 15 kms.
we climbed jump tower, took dozens of pictures and went back to center of the city. our last destination was vigeland sculpture park. we reached it just at sunset and enjoyed great view of over hundred of stone and metal sculptures of women/men/children – people of all ages.

23.oo – we took bus off to gbg and reached home somewhere around 3 in the morning.

the only expenses we had in norway were:

final word:
so.. norway is not that expensive if you take cheap [?] food/drinks from sweden.

thanks to rav who has planed all the oslo trip.

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