weekend off : poland

random snapshot of unusual weekend.

i took a day off on previous Friday and got flight to Poland. objective – attend the wedding of kov & Monika.

as for introduction – who is kov: 3 of us – kov aka lysy, dnl aka lasceen and me – we’ve been flatmates sharing the same dormitory room during last two years of our studies. kov is one of those people i quietly admire for being brave enough not to take the obvious choice after studies. instead of being programmer /
it nut kov, after finishing the studies, left ‘big city’ and settled down in the country side to continue family farming tradition and grow fields of carrots & cabbages. one thing i can be sure – he will be dealing with much different problems than rest of us will face.

friday – i took flight from goteborg to warszawa [ with wizzair ] and got on the train to travel in oposite direction – to gdanks. 1.5h in the plane, 5h on the train – slow enough to swallow some classical papers on writing linux network servers [ fork & bind & select ] and listen to audio of university lectures on basics of economics [ yes, i do surprise myself. sometimes. ].

schedule for the evening was hectic:

  • i’ve met for few minutes with jpk mostly to make sure that he still remembers about my existence [ which in last 2 yrs was purely virtual stream of 1s and 0s ]
  • i got to Gdansk office of ‘the corporation’ and met there 3 of my work colleagues [ it was 20.oo and at least one of them should have been home long timeago ], have a short chat with them. subject – as usual complains on the work.
  • got to Gdansk’s old town to meet dnl [ mentioned earlier flatmate ] and darek aka iluvatar – so far only boss i really respected for his knowledge and skills. with darek [and later on dnl ] we’ve worked together in multicon isp. we’ve spent few hours talking about everything and nothing, drinking some beer and
    enjoying well mixed non intrusive house tunes [ ha! finally it came to Poland as well – it was just a pub, no dance floor at all but yet there was a chap playing nice tunes from vinyls ].
  • got a crazy an unplanned ride with Tom [ a friend from yers of studies and nowadays work-mate working as customer’s it support ] to collect from club and safely deliver home his semi-wasted friends.
  • around 4am finally got good night. i planned to sleep in Gdansk office but ended up staying over night at Toms place

saturday – drive to Tuchola where wedding was taking place. with other guests i got accommodation in dormitory. quick change of clothes to something already uncomfortable and yet still not exactly appropriate and ride to small church nearby. usual wedding service, greetings to the wedding couple, ride to the restau
rant. party: perfect food and drinks, bad music [ one that would suit me best would scare 99% visitors ;-]. i had chance to catch up with some mates from my studies-times. guys are doing well – some – expanding their businesses in poland, some enjoying wealthly life abroad, some – having a normal life.

sunday – late wake up, shower, train to warszawa, walks around the capital city [ which i still dont like ]. shopping – i just cannot resist to buy some realfood. on usual shopping list i have:

  • kiełbasa [ which in no way should be be translated to swedish korv and english sausage ].
  • kasza
  • sour cabbage [ i’ve already taken steps to make this one by myself ]

good night sleep, early wake up, flight to goteborg, bus to the office.

the best pictures from the wedding i’ve shot can be seen at http://kow.one.pl/wesele/index.php/good [ it was a test drive for my new lense – tamron 28-75 f/2.8 , almost all of them are shot with iso1600 and fully open aperture to avoid usage of flash – i’m very happy with natural colors i got ]

btw: kov & Monika visited me in goteborg a year ago – some random pictures can be found http://fot.kudzia.eu

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