dell 2135cn – 016-317 restart printer, contact support

i’ve bricked one of our printers. over the network upgrade of the dell 2135cn was interrupted and printer was most probably rebooted at the worst possible time – when it was flashing the new firmware.

result? printer no longer responded over the network, the lcd panel displayed just:

restart printer
contact support

but… i’ve stumbled on this [ local copy ] document and on the page 1 – 80 found a solution – emergency firmware recovery mode:

Make sure that the printer is connected to the computer via USB port (remove the network cable). 
Then, try downloading as follows:
1) Power on the printer while pressing the  and  [tick-mark] buttons.
2) The printer goes into the Download Mode with a message "Download Mode Ready". Then, 
activate firmware update tool and follow the instruction displayed.

for the 2nd point i have used the latest available firmware from here and selected update over USB. after few minutes the device was back online.

7 thoughts on “dell 2135cn – 016-317 restart printer, contact support

  1. Excellent instrictions!

    Thank you very much!

    I unbricked Dell 1355cn following them, the keys to press while turning on power are:
    red cross (cancel) and tick-mark (ok, in the middle of arrows).

      1. I have tried this on a 2135cn from Dell, no dice. It won’t even boot up into the downloader mode. Just boots right up to the error every time. I can get the CE mode to work (right and left arrows with menu at bootup) but it has no options. I think this thing is worthless.

  2. 1.Download 2155 firmware package from
    2.Unzip package file in any directory
    3.Attached USB cable to computer via USB port from printer
    4.Power on printer while holding down“checkmark” + “ down arrow” + “up arrow”
    5.Enter password,n press down arrow 2 times then press “checkmark”
    6.DL MODE USB should be displayed , press “check mark”should display “READY”
    7.On computer In package file directory selected in step 2, run “dellfwup” application.
    8.Select printer check box to update printer.
    9.Update should execute, FOLLOW directions on computer.Update should take a few minutes.
    10.During update printer display should display different screens
    11.When update finishes, printer should now be operational.
    12.On computer click “next”, then “finish”

  3. yeah that works for me. the ‘password’ was actually pressing the down arrow twice which displayed two (*) asterisks

  4. Hello
    I have the same problem with my Dell 1760nw
    can youhelp me please to unbrik my printer


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