idrac7 + ipmitool stopped working with firmware 1.56.55

i use ipmitool to check health of the poweredge servers from nagios. in essence i execute: and alert if the exist code is non-zero, then i execute and again – i alert on non-zero exit code, i also grep the file in search of lines not containing ok/ns. this was working fine for DRAC 5 ... Read More

Samsung CLX-4195FW – displaying only samsung logo on the front screen

newly arrived Samsung CLX-4195FW greeted me with just blue samsung’s logo on the white background presented on the front LCD screen; at the same time printer correctly acquired IP via DHCP and i could access the management interface via the network. i’ve called Samsung 3x and luckily enough at the 3rd attempt i spoke with ... Read More

mac changing on DW1501 wifi card

in dell’s e6220 that i use for work travels i have dw1501 wifi card. in theory it’s possible to change card’s MAC address in the control panel > network and sharing center > change adapter settings > wireless network connection > properties configure > advanced > locally administered MAC address. problem is the values i’ve ... Read More

Dell PowerEdge T20

i’ve bought 2x Dell PowerEdge t20 – they’ll serve as HA pair of routers/vpn endpoints/file servers for a new office. it was the first time i played with intel amt. it’s not bad but neither perfect.

around Gran Canaria

i’ve spent 2 weeks at the beginning of March at Gran Canaria. below – list of the more interesting walking trails we’ve taken.

open maps + own routes

over time open street maps got better and better; i started to rely on them more than on google maps when hiking around – osm gave me more detailed maps of hiking trails in Barcelona and Singapore, Las Palmas and Slovenia. i wanted to share some of the interesting paths here; the best i could ... Read More