mac changing on DW1501 wifi card

in dell’s e6220 that i use for work travels i have dw1501 wifi card. in theory it’s possible to change card’s MAC address in the control panel > network and sharing center > change adapter settings > wireless network connection > properties configure > advanced > locally administered MAC address.

problem is the values i’ve been entering there [like 112233112233] never worked; ipconfig/all showed still original MAC. being faced again with wifi on some airport limiting use just to the 15 min i googled a bit and found this: A MAC could change DW1501 MAC Address in the form of "0A-0A-0A-0A-xx-xx"
0A-0A-0A-0A is fixed, xx-xx is varies
. and indeed – when i tried to enter 0a0a0a0a1010 – it worked, 15 min later 0a0a0a0a1011 – and worked again.

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