Samsung CLX-4195FW – displaying only samsung logo on the front screen

newly arrived Samsung CLX-4195FW greeted me with just blue samsung’s logo on the white background presented on the front LCD screen; at the same time printer correctly acquired IP via DHCP and i could access the management interface via the network.

i’ve called Samsung 3x and luckily enough at the 3rd attempt i spoke with someone who helped me. i was told to power off the device and press the stop/clear button [or power button – i dont remember which one] for 30 seconds], then release it and connect the device back to the power. that did the trick – device booted completely this time presenting me with menu on the touch screen. most probably pressing one of those buttons does some sort of factory defaults reset/nvram flush.

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  1. This didnt really help me, do you know exactly what buttons i should press?

    It wasnt very clear if I need to unplug the power cord or not

    1. yes – i unplugged the device first from the power, then pressed either power or stop/clear for 30 sec, then i plugged it back to power. sorry but this printer is now 6000km away from me – so i’ll not be able to provide more details.

    2. I have the same problem with a Samsung SL-M4070FX….
      The micro SD 4GB is defect remove and replaced.

  2. I am having the exact same issue. As there is actually a separate stop and a separate clear button, I have tried every combination with what was mentioned here and nothing worked. I even tried holding the stop and clear button together for 30 seconds after I pulled the power cord out. I need help on this and Samsung told me they need to send a tech out to fix it. Any ideas?

    1. that printer, sadly, went to the trashcan. it would randomly lock up in a similar state. taking the tonner out and putting it back in would help from time to time but not always. after 3 weeks of trying to appoint a warranty replacement [printer was bought in the US and located in NY – one would expect that Samsung will have decent customer service there ] i gave up. i’ve lost hours on the phone and even got warranty replacement ticket but the shipment of the new device never arrived – lost time had higher value than a new printer. sorry for the rant; CLX-4195FW might be more user friendly than your average Brother but i don’t think i’ll be buying another printing device from Samsung any time soon.

    2. sadly the printer went to the trashcan. it broke again with similar symptoms. taking the toner out for a while would sometimes resurrect it but not for long.

      the device was bought in the US and operated in NY, still on warranty; one would expect decent client service there – but that wasn’t the case. for ~3 weeks and ~1.5h of the phone-calls i’ve tried to arrange repair or replacement. i even got case id and promise of delivery of a new device. it never arrived. too much time was lost already. CLX-4195FW might be more user friendly than your average Brother, but i’m not buying another printing device from Samsung any time soon.

      sorry for the rant.

  3. I removed the power cord, then the panel on the lower right side and removed/replaced the battery. All seems to work now

  4. this worked. the machine is not new though, but had a blank screen so staff would not copy/scan etc as the screen is touch.

    thank you

  5. never been happy with this printer got the blank screen problem going to trash this unreliable
    printer and buy something more reliable

  6. STOP (red) + Start (blue) at the same time and then switch on the printer on the main switch

    1. Since purchased this printer a few years ago, I hardly use it any more than 500 pages. Two weeks ago I noticed the normal LCD only showed “SAMSUNG” blue logo instead of functional directory (fax, scan, copy, etc) so I called Samsung Technical services for printer – it was shockingly to know Samsung Printer division had been acquired by HP therefore all calls about Printer handled by HP people. The trouble began when the idiot HP rep told me: your printer is out of warranty, if I pay for shipping it back to HP service center they would fix it. I first bought in US but brought to Europe so it’s not practical to send back. HP doesn’t care if I want to use this Samsung machine and order more of their ink products (at least $400 worth) I began to look for many similar cases troubleshooting online. Thomas’ comment of 2017-09-10 gave a very helpful: “STOP (red) + Start (blue) at the same time and then switch on the printer on the main switch” and the printer LCD came back to normal again. Thanks so much Thomas! You saved me and my friend and his patients because we wanted to use the fax in a hurry tonight.

  7. STOP (red) + Start (blue) at the same time and then switch on the printer solve my problem, Multiprinter C9201

  8. Got a cw-6260-fw and I am having the same issue. I initially bought this big laser pinter to have peace of mind. It gives me problems all the time. I got the blue logo often and am able to sometime recuperate it. Oddly the printer also affected my router management interface which become unaccessible.
    It will also nag me about being out of ink while ther is still enough for thousands of pages.
    Very disapointed so far with this printer since it gets often difficult to print something. When it works however the printing quality and speed even double sided is great. The mechanic the printer is great. The electronic part was botched!

  9. I have the same problem. Replaced the battery. Tried the Red/Blue button reset still only the Samsung logo displays. Contacted Samsung support they now have you contract HP for Samsung support. I was told no more warranty and they have no information. Take it to a repair facility 8.5 hours away. What a shame. The printer works, the menu is gone. Last Samsung printer I will buy. this was not cheap and the toner I bought is now wasted money. I believe there has to be a master hard reset, but I can not find it.

    1. I agree with Adam. The Red/Blue button reset then start and still get the Samsung logo; so it does not work.

      WIll stumble on with no screen.
      When the first toner cartridge runs out – bin the computer. And NO more samsung for me.

      1. It works. Push the stop button ,the orange one, for 30 sec ….count slowly while the printer is out of power and release it. Then plug the power cord and just turn on the printer. Done!

  10. I have the same problem with my Samsung 4195FW the touch screen is stuck and only displays the Samsung logo and please wait. I’ve been waiting three weeks and still no luck.
    I’ve tried the red and blue buttons with no luck
    Replacing the battery sounded very promising… but alas no change
    I read on another sight that the card may have been fried by a power surge and would cost around $300 to replace.
    I only just replaced all the toner cartridges which cost a cool $500… what a waste

    Note to Self: don’t buy Samsung products… they have handballed all printer issues to HP.

    HP state that the machine is outside of 2 year warranty :(

  11. It sounds strange that all these printers are having problems since they were transferred to HP and that HP will only repair at a significant cost. Why now. My device has worked for years, no problems yet we are all having the same problem. Mine is a clx6260

  12. I just removed the battery from the side and did not put it back and pressed STOP (red) + Start (blue) at the same time and then switched on the printer my problem solved

  13. same problem soon as HP take over. did firmware update claiming to improve things now my screen doesnt work and cannot downgrade firmware infact the only way i can use my fucken printer now is through network. cant update firmware now cant downgrade its a lemon now wtf

    1. Samsung CLX-6260 stuck on Firmware Upgrade
      ‎03-27-2018 03:25 AM

      Product Name: CLX-6260FR
      Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
      Hi, wanted to get cloud printing working, needed to upgrade from V4. to CLX6260FR_V4.00.02.29. Downloaded update from Samsung cloud site ( . Update through network. Ran the CLX6260FR_FD_ND_UpgradeJig.exe file, which automatically went into the “SyncThruWeb Service” logged in and update started. Then it said update failed, from memory it said 50% on printer. Now printer is in mode where it says “Firmware upgrade”.

      Tried it with usb connection using USBlist2.exe, said it was “printing” and stopped at 74592/70254788, and no change in printer. Seems it can see it on USB port once you power cycle the printer.

      Help…. please

      same thing happened on my CLX-4915FW. stuck at 51% according to the printer display(which now doesnt work) which is exactly at 74592/70254788 which is bytes and was stuck there for an hour. this must be some dodgy **bleep** going on by HP. this firmwares probably designed to make your perfectly working SAMSUNG printer into a dead printer so u have to pay HP money to fix. i will not touch any HP products ever in my life if this cannot be fixed without requiring $$$ im wondering if there is and there definantly is missing firmwares on HP site that we are supposed to install before these firmwares can be installed and installed correctly. were are all the previous firmware files ? we need a fix for this HP. we need a firmware that can be installed over our firmware that is actually writablle and doesnt stop at byte 74592. and also my screen doesnt work on printer anymore.

      my printer still responds to firmware installation over network and via ublist2 however it refuses to go past byte 74592

      Having firmwares on your site desinged to brick your printer is not a good idea to gain Customers.


  14. Same problem.. I have tried every button-power up combo. I left the printer on for weeks and it the display started to work again. sadly, I had to power it off and the problem is back! Frustrated that I just replaced all the toner before this problem as well. I updated the firmware and everything works properly except for the front panel being stuck at the SAMSUNG start up screen. This should be a simple firmware fix. (V4.00.02.20(20-Aug, 2014) was supposed to I believe but now it is up to V4.00.02.50(13-Jun, 2016) and that does not work either.

  15. Hi All,
    I figured out the fix for this issue on my CLX-4195 fw
    Power off the printer.
    Remove the side panel, and remove the old battery
    Replace with new battery, CR2032 3 volt lithium.
    Press and hold three buttons (start, stop and reset) simultaneously,
    while powering up the printer, you will see the logo and then a progress bar will appear below logo. Then you will then have to enter the date and time.
    And your printer should be working like normal again.
    Hope this helps!

  16. Correction
    The new battery did not work,
    So I left out the battery altogether,
    And then press and hold the three buttons (reset, start and stop) while powering up.
    And then the progress bar will come up

  17. Ha! :-)
    Ich habe auch das Samsung-Logo gehabt und bis zum Erbrechen alle Schalter gedrückt.

    Es ist eine Seuche auf vielen Samsung-Druckern, aber ich habe es reproduzierbar heraus gefunden:

    Beim C1680FW geht man mit SyncThru in die Administration.
    Dort Sicherheit-> Systemsicherheit -> Menü-Management aufrufen.
    Das Feld “Bedienfeldsperre” war NICHT aktiviert. Das ist völlig unlogisch. Aber auch beim Aus- und Einschalten änderte sich nichts.
    Nach jeder Änderung muss das Gerät in dem Menü links neu gestartet werden.

    Nach einigem Ausprobieren folgende Kombination:

    Bedienfeldsperre := aktiviert
    Alle anderen Optionen wie Fax, Scannen, Kopieren …. := deaktiviert
    ABER: USB direkt := aktiviert.
    Diese Kombination ist reproduzierbar.

    ich habe es mit mehreren Kombinationen ausprobiert, dass z.B. eine andere Option aktiviert bleibt, aber es geht nur mit “USB direkt := aktiviert”

    Now it works fine again :-)
    firmware was renewed before

  18. This worked for me on a Samsung CLX-4195FW. I turned off the printer switch and then unplugged it. Then I held down the Clear button for 30+ seconds and then held down the Power button for 30+ seconds. After this I did an internet search about the battery – was trying to find out where in the confounded machine it was. No success on that but the search lasted for about 20 minutes. Only after all of that did I plug in the machine again and turn on the power. It booted up fine!

  19. Samsung Multifunction Xpress C1860FW Samsung display, no menu. Have tried everything listed here plus downloading everything from HP that it had. New battery. Just over a year old. NOTHING. One thing I noticed when turning the machine on is that the blue light on the power button was not staying blue when the machine is on. It used to do that. When turned on the blue light just blinks once. It copies just fine. HOWEVER, there is another problem. If the machine is on and I take the paper drawer out for a refill, it will not load paper and print. I get an error that says the paper is not feeding. BUT, if I power off then on the machine will print. I am thinking a bad board? Any ideas before I go buy a printer that lasts? I need the fax and copy feature badly. I have an HP Color Laser that I’ve had for 15 years and it still prints perfectly, as well as two HP black lasers about 10 years old that I just had to clean after all this time. I just need the copy and fax. Could do without the fax probably, just buy a good HP desk copier and use my black and color printer for the printing I need? That would be MUCH less expensive than an all in one like this shit Samsung.

  20. To Fix Blue Screen of Death on Samsung CLX-4195 fw

    Power off unit
    press and hold 3 buttons
    Start, stop and Zero Button together
    and then power up.

  21. We had the same problem “Samsung” logo on the display.
    I tried everything listed here. Nothing worked.
    On an other page I read, that the GUI-Board is wrecked (mine is PBA-GUI OPE JC92-02505A for Samsung C2670FW). So finaly I bought a new one for 82 €. Tada! Display is back, but …now my printer reboots permanently. Ahh.
    So look for the right Version of the GUI-Board!

  22. To fix the Samsung logo stuck on a CLX-6260FW I turned it off using the switch, then pressed the Start (blue) button while turning it on.

  23. This just worked for me!!! I have a Samsung C3060FW mulifunction laserjet and it was stuck on the Samsung logo screen.

  24. hello sir.
    i have SAMSUNG MULTIXPRESS C 9251, i format HD and delete all partitions, (via connect with computer) after i install HD in MFP but machine not working, after logo System Recovery 3 options appeared on screen 1) Hidden Partion 2) USB 3) Network,.

    pls help me out what i do, i need the (firmware) to reinstall the machine.

    waiting ur favourale reply

  25. Hi
    I have same problem with Samsung MultiXpress X3220NR, it is stuck on the Samsung logo screen,
    I tried new battery, start and stop while it’s starting up and etc. And still have the problem.

  26. My CLX 4195FW Llike all the complaints here about control panel blank. If you go to the SynkThruWeb option on the settings , on the home page look for a small tab that says control panel update. Hit that and it should revive the display on your printer. You can do firmware updates as well. The default password is “admin’ for user and “sec00000” for password. It helps alot. Good luck.

  27. Posseggo una CLX 6260FW. Analogo problema.
    Ho tentato tutte le combinazioni possibili, ma inutilmente.
    Ho chiamato l’assistenza HP e mi è stata fornita una realese per aggiornare il firmware, facendo il boot da chiavetta. La chiavetta prevede una porta XOA non in dotazione alla mia stampante. Quindi la procedura non serve a nulla.
    Concordo sul fatto che il tutto è organizzato da HP per incrementare il lavoro dei Centri Assistenza.
    Questa è truffa.
    In ogni caso penso che il problema risieda nella scheda OPE.

    1. Confermo quanto scritto precedentemente.
      Il problema sul blocco del logo Samsung è sulla scheda OPE.
      Una fonte confidenziale HP, mi ha confermato che è stato modificato il firmware della scheda OPE, in maniera tale da programmare la morte della stampante.
      Questa si chiama frode in commercio.
      L’unica soluzione è sostituire la scheda.

  28. 0) Problem: Printer clx-4195-FW Touch screen does not function – Only shows SAMSUNG
    1) Plug printer in to a power supply that is always going to be on.
    2) Switch printer ON
    3) NEVER switch it OFF – power consumption on power saving is < 2 Watts (about 5 Euros per Year)
    4) DO NOT PRESS ANY buttons on the Keyboard !
    5) You can use the computer to scan and print

    6) WAIT for a few days and then only touch the Touch Screen.
    6) Only press the touch screen window to bring up the printer from standby.
    7) After about a Week the Display recovered and displayed the menus again.
    8) Now you can use the Touchscreen menu for "Copy" etc. again.
    That worked for us. Feb 2021

  29. Hallo zusammen
    Ich hatte so wie viele das Problem, dass mein Samsung C1860FW Drucker beim Einschalten auf dem Screen nur noch das Samsung Logo angezeigt hat, und man nicht mehr auf die Kopieren usw. Funktionen zugreifen konnte. Der Screen war also hängen geblieben. Das direkte Drucken über USB vom PC aus ging aber, wie auch das Scannen über USB. Der Drucker ist ca. 4-5 Jahre alt. 3 Farbkassenten waren nur noch um die 8%, so dass ich vermutete dass Samsung deshalb grad den ganzen Drucker “deaktiviert” hat, wegen Alter + Kartouchen.
    Ich hatte im Internet überall recherchiert aber alle Tastenkombinationen drücken beim Neustart usw. hat nichts geholfen.
    Eines schönen Tages plötzlich ging das Display wieder!!
    Ich versuche zu rekonstruieren was ich gemacht hatte, vielleicht hilft das euch auch weiter:
    1.) Der Drucker war 3-4 Tage lang mit dem ON/OFF Schalter abgeschaltet. Alle Kabel wie Power + USB waren ganz normal eingesteckt wie immer.
    2.) Ich hatte den “Samsung Easy Printer Manager” heruntergeladen und installiert. Danach den PC neu gestartet.
    3.) Ich wollte ein PDF ausdrucken, und als ich den Druckbefehl bereits gegeben hatte, bemerkte ich, dass der Drucker noch gar nicht eingeschaltet ist. Also habe ich ihne mit ON/OFF Switch eingeschaltet, und SIEHE DA, das Display kam wieder hoch! Und seit dem läuft der Drucker wieder einwandfrei, geht selber in den Ruhemodus, alles bestens.
    -> Ich vermute also, dass der Drucker lange genug abgeschaltet sein muss, um dann direkt beim Aufstarten ein Druckbefehl per USB aus der Warteschlange zu erhalten damit das Display wieder geht.
    Es KANN auch sein, dass ich damals beim Aufstarten nach ca. 2-3 Sekunden nach dem Power ON ganz kurz (!) auf den “Power/Wake up” Knopf gedrückt hatte, als der Screen noch schwarz war. Bin ich mir aber nicht mehr sicher.
    Ich hatte nie den Drcker geöffnet oder Batterie gewechselt oder neu geflasht. Auch habe ich in der Printer Software nichts spezielles umgestellt. Vielleicht gabe auch die Software den Kick?
    Ich hoffe diese Infos helfen euch weiter, es scheint also tatsächlich kein dauerhafter Fehler zu sein.
    Hello everybody
    Like many others, I had the problem that my Samsung C1860FW printer only displayed the Samsung logo on the screen when it was switched on, and the copying etc. functions could no longer be accessed. So the screen got stuck. Direct printing via USB from the PC was possible, as was scanning via USB. The printer is around 4-5 years old. 3 color cartridges were only around 8%, so I suspected that Samsung has therefore “deactivated” the whole printer, because of age + cartouches.
    I had researched everywhere on the Internet but pressing all key combinations when restarting etc. did not help.
    One fine day the display suddenly went back!
    I’m trying to reconstruct what I did, maybe that will help you too:
    1.) The printer was switched off with the ON / OFF switch for 3-4 days. All cables like Power + USB were plugged in as usual.
    2.) I had downloaded and installed the “Samsung Easy Printer Manager”. Then restarted the PC.
    3.) I wanted to print a PDF, and when I had already given the print command, I noticed that the printer was not switched on yet. So I switched it on with the ON / OFF switch, and LOOK, the display came up again! And since then the printer has been running flawlessly again, goes into sleep mode itself, everything is fine.
    -> So I suspect that the printer has to be switched off long enough to receive a print command via USB from the queue when starting up so that the display works again.
    It MAY also be that when starting up, after about 2-3 seconds after power ON, I briefly (!) pressed the “Power / Wake up” button when the screen was still black. But I’m not sure anymore.
    I had never opened the printer or changed the battery or reflashed it. I haven’t changed anything special in the printer software either. Perhaps the software also gave the kick?
    I hope this information will help you, so it doesn’t seem like a permanent bug.

  30. I had this problem as well. There is a cable plugged under the keyboard that usually falls off if hit hard. Pull off the keyboard, clipped. Check if it is disconnected.

  31. This is a common problem with this printer. I fix these printers and have had several popping up with this issue. So I leave the printer OFF for several days (3-4 days) with power cable disconnected and date backup battery removed. 90% of the time it starts back to normal. I assume this has something to do with residual on the CMOS memory or ROM. I then leave the printer ON and have the firmware updated immediately. I have had this issue with Xpress 1860, CLX 6260 and CLX 4195 printers.
    It remains a mystery, why.
    Good luck.

  32. Also don’t forget to clear the memory, press 1,2,3 together and PW:1934, …. clear memory

  33. These obsolescence stories are simply an impertinence and a fraud on the customer. If class action lawsuits were allowed in Germany, it would be easier to defend oneself. The manufacturers only grin at the fact that they only puke in forums without any consequences.

    But you can prevent it: Don’t buy anything from Samsung or HP anymore!

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