fsck on truecrypt

it’s high time to move away from truecrypt [ which i’m doing by moving to luks and btrfs on the top of it for extra thrills ], but i still have bunch of places that were not moved to the alternative full disk encryption.

what do do when after unclean shutdown this happens:

root@host0:~# /usr/bin/truecrypt --protect-hidden=no -m nokernelcrypto --fs-options=noatime,nodiratime --mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/encrypted/
Error: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop1,
       missing codepage or helper program, or other error
       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try
       dmesg | tail  or so


root@host:~# truecrypt --filesystem=none -m nokernelcrypto /dev/sdc1 /mnt/encrypted/
Enter password for /dev/sdc1:
Enter keyfile [none]:
Protect hidden volume (if any)? (y=Yes/n=No) [No]: no
root@host:~# mount|grep truecrypt
truecrypt on /tmp/.truecrypt_aux_mnt2 type fuse.truecrypt (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,allow_other)
root@host:~# fsck -f /tmp/.truecrypt_aux_mnt2/
Filesystem is clean.

2 thoughts on “fsck on truecrypt

    1. thanks. perhaps it’s a good moment to move away from the truecrypt? i’ve been using LUKS without any issues for the past few years.

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