dlink DXS-1210-12TC – web interface hanging

i’ve made a mistake again and bought a ‘cheap’, smart-managed network switch. dlink DXS-1210-12TC with 12 10gbase-t ports. and i got punished nearly immediately – the web interface of the device would hang on me after few days of uptime. sometimes it wasn’t even possible to log in, other times – i could log in but editing port<>vlan assignment would end up with an error message.

we’ve rma’ed the first device – support suggested it might be a hardware issue; but 2nd switch had similar problems. we’ve received a suggestion to upgrade from the stable firmware [ 1.10.013 ] to a more recennt beta [ 1.10.B019 ] sent to us via e-mail; we’ve also found it reassuringly hosted on a .ru domain: http://ftp.dlink.ru/pub/Switch/DXS-1210-12TC/Firmware/DXS-1210-12TC-V1-10-B019-FW.hex

looks like our problem was solved – the switch has been running for 3 weeks without any problems, it’s still possible to access the web management interface and reconfigure vlans.

you get what you pay for, usually a bit less.

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