upgrading firmware on Intel’s SATA SSD drives behind Dell’s h730p RAID

fetch Intel_SSD_Data_Center_Tool from here. the zip archive contained, among other, .deb for 64 bit OS – that worked for me under debian stretch.

to see drives run:

isdct set -system EnableLSIAdapter = true
isdct show -intelssd

to upgrade the firmware

isdct set -system EnableLSIAdapter = true
isdct load -intelssd 0

where 0 corresponds to the Index of drive returned by the first command

the same likely works for other LSI/Avago cards – no matter how they are branded by HP/Lenovo etc.

idea taken from https://serverfault.com/a/916902

i have 2 s3500 1.6TB SSDs from Intel that over time suffered significant performance loss – linear write speed went down from ~ 300MB/s to under 100MB/s. i was able to recover the performance by issuing delete [likely triggering full-drive TRIM] and wiping all of the content:

isdct delete -intelssd X

where X is an index of the disk to erase 

idea taken from https://gist.github.com/ddoan/26e2c367877dcdb36874

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