cheescake recipe


  • 2kg of polish white farmer’s cheese
  • 9 eggs
  • ~400g of sugar [ or 250g erythritol + 200g of sugar ],
  • 200g of butter,
  • 150g risins,
  • petit-beurre-alike short breads,


  • separate egg yolks and add them to cheese with sugar,
  • lightly warm up butter so it becomes liquid, add them to the mix,
  • mix all of it till it becomes reasonably smooth,
  • whip egg whites until they become foamy and add that to the mix,
  • add raisins,
  • lay petit-beurre on the cake tin and pour the mixed cake into it
  • heat up the oven to 180C and place cake in it for ~1h – till it’s brown on the top

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