OVH, failover IPs, IPv6, VMs

at work we rent a dedicated server from OVH; except unexplained openvpn throttling all is working pretty well for the price we pay. besides primary IPv4 address OVH can provide few additional ‘failover’ IPv4 addresses and /64 IPv6 subnet. in our setup some of IPv4s and IPv6s are routed to a KVM VM. below – ... Read More

openvpn throttled from ovh’s bhs datacenter?

for work we rent a dedicated server from OVH. it’s been 5 months now and i’m pretty satisfied with the service provided. at the initial stage we’ve bumped into a problem that was never really solved; i cannot be even 100% sure if it’s OVH’s fault. UDP-based OpenVPN connection established from OVH’s BHS datacenter to ... Read More