openvpn throttled from ovh’s bhs datacenter?

for work we rent a dedicated server from OVH. it’s been 5 months now and i’m pretty satisfied with the service provided. at the initial stage we’ve bumped into a problem that was never really solved; i cannot be even 100% sure if it’s OVH’s fault.

UDP-based OpenVPN connection established from OVH’s BHS datacenter to IP addresses in Poland and Sweden [Bahnhof] had terrible performance and packet losses – it looked to me like the encrypted connection was throttled to ~2mbit/s while we could easily push 60-90mbit/s over tcp or udp. i exchanged some mails with the OVH’s support – but – to my despair – they denied any throttling. the problem remains unsolved but i found a simple workaround – i have a GRE tunnel established from OVH to both endpoints and i run OpenVPN via GRE. it’s not a very elegant solution, but it works just fine and we’re pushing at peak 70-90mbit/s each day via that encrypted tunnel.

on one end of the tunnel [machine with ip:] i have:

ip tunnel add tun20 mode gre local remote 79.136.ip.inSweden ttl 225
ip link set dev tun20 up
ip address add dev tun20 peer

on another end [linux box with ip 79.136.ip.inSweden]:

ip tunnel add tun20 mode gre local 79.136.ip.inSweden remote  ttl 225
ip link set dev tun20 up
ip address add dev tun20 peer

and openvpn is configured to use, addresses rather than public ips. i lose a bit of bandwidth on encapsulation but still get 60-80mbit/s via such vpn instead of mere 2mbit/s.

2015-11 edit: we’ve been using UDP over IPv6 as an openvpn transport sine ~ April 2015 and it gave us most stable connection so far.

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  1. problems are back. switching to OpenVPN via UDP via IPv6 [for now] gave us again 10s of mbit/s instead of 1mbit/s

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