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some recent readings… – it might be surprising but i do read. something. sometimes..

paulo coelho – zahir a bed-time book about rediscovering what’s most important in life. if you’ve never read anything by Coelho and want to give him a try – i suggest to go first for ‘Veronica decides to die’ – if you’d like it – than go on with ‘Zahir’. few years ago i’ve found ‘Veronica…’ so addictive that i’ve swallowed the book within one afternoon-evening-night session. in contrary to the title the book is really optimistic…

philip greenspun – Software Engineering for Internet Applications – lectures that probably i should have taken few years ago, but my univ did not catched up when it comes to the new technologies at time of my studies. it’s nice to read, quite high level – almost technology agnostic – course describing development of web based applications starting from rerequirements gathering & scalable db design.

michal zalewski – silence on the wire – some thought on unexpected ways of braking security of network based computer systems.

right now i’m up to sth about data mining + multicast routing in ipv4 networks … i wish i had more time for that.

recent activities: – major underlying db / backend redesign … hopefully finished in 98% . i just wonder which in the row major redesign of this site it is… one and only conclusion is that it should have been rewritten ages ago, rather than being ‘refreshed’ from time to time

custom crm system for – goal: keep centralized database of customers of few gsm services somewhere in poland .. 60% done

crash course on heartbeat for linux to create high availability cluster of web proxies.

spring is coming :D finally it’s getting warm outside

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