holiday plans

first time in my life – after 3 years of miserable career in it business – i’ve faced unavoidable : i have to take my holidays, and there is no discussion about it. so i started planning. i think i’ll go for few weekly trips. some destinations i consider:

  • dublin [really cheap flights from gothenburg are available],
  • far north – narvik and kiruna [because i can :-] , it takes just 24h in the train to get there],
  • krakow and zakopane in poland [maybe, it’s a shame but i’ve never been there].

that’s it… i’d also love to go to spain or italy, but it’s probably not going to happen this year.

also if everything goes fine i’ll host some of my friends pretty soon. we’ll see..

besides…. it’s getting really bad with me – i start to enjoy simple things, embrace the moment. recently i caught my self on planning the weekend to avoid sitting 24/7 in front of computer. it seems the older i am the less responsible and less worrying i get. maybe all of those changes in me are just a defense mechanism against poisoning with instability all around that i experience.

on the technical side: xen server is operational, few more days and we’ll take it to production. works like a charm so far.

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