slacker season

summer. 20-25 C degrees, sunshine. bike/swimming/going around just for sake of it just about every evening. almost perfect.

some of those rare in-front-of-the-pc activities:

  • i’ve installed ubuntu to see if it’s any good. verdict? e.. i already have debian, why should i get something like it that is not exactly debian? maybe if i would need desktop distro. but for now – i’ll stick to my favourit.
  • mastering swedish [or rather sucking in it] continues…
  • not to become completely stupid i try to take some cisco e-learning courses. i usually get stuck on first few minutes – usually just after 7-layer reference model or somewhere around the basic theory of packet forwarding in ip networks.
  • minor additions to
  • recent discoveries – google talks / engedu – some interesting lectures mainly computer sciencerelated [but not only, there is sth about math, economics, sociology].

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