day after effect

usual ‘day after effect’. i’m not hanged over but yet not everything goes as it should. you wake up, feel quite fresh but yet failing to figure out what’s the point and meaning of things that happen around is more painful than usually. it’s that simple – after few drinks i get more depressed [or maybe contemplating world around] than usual.

for last 6 days i’ve been hosting my friends from poland – my roommate from last 2 years of studies and his girlfriend. we’ve been going around a lot – i hope they got quite good picture of the place i enjoy living in. at pretty short period of time i’ve showed them around center of the city, some must-have-visited hills with nice view [Brämaregården, Skansen Krona, Observatorium in Slotsskogen]. we’ve spent one afternoon in slotskogen with ‘The Corporate’ playing swedish version of baseball and finally we’ve went to Saltholmen to get sunburnt, take first swim in the sea this year and get ferry trip around archipelago. surprisingly [probably because of volvo ocean race] military base was open for visitors – so we could take a shortcut and … get inside of tank [good reminder of childhood times ;-].

in the saturday evening, using old time ‘come over to see the football match’ trick i’ve gathered few usual friends from ‘the corporate’. football suxx but at least during the match – when everyone was staring at the telly – i was finally able to catch up with my ‘external’ works – i’ve fixed some minor feature for users management panel for jpk.

descriptions are boring, pictures tell more than 1000 words: check out photos gallery for 2006.06.12-2006.06.18 period.

side-notes – what does it take to occupy 7 people for an evening:

  • 2L of ‘a juice’ [ apple juice will do ]
  • 1.5L of sprite or other tonic
  • 1 bag of ‘a chips’
  • handful of corn seeds to make popcorn
  • some peanuts
  • 1.5 liter of vodka [ it’s awful but for some reason people drink it anyway ]
  • 2 chocolates
  • some lemons, maybe some oranges
  • not too much ice creams with raisins
  • a reason [ i this case it was allegedly some football event ]
  • one computer for myself, another for playing music, some speakers.

side note. it’s 2010 and i laugh at myself reading that.

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