wordpress hangs when uploading an image

i’ve moved my wordpress to a new server few weeks ago. all appeared to work fine but i forgot changing the configuration and providing new upload dir path. result? the media page [ wp-admin/upload.php ] did not open and apache2 appeared to be hanged using 100% cpu. i could not add any media in the post editor – uploads were stuck at 100%.

i’ve spent nearly half an hour adding error_log around the wordpress code before i figured out it was the wp_mkdir_p from wp-includes/functions.php that hanged in this loop:

while (  '.' != $target_parent  && ! is_dir( $target_parent ) ) {
 $target_parent = dirname( $target_parent );
 error_log("wp_mkdir_p $target_parent ");

and only then i realized that i did not adjust the row with option_name=”upload_path” in the wp_options mysql table. after changing that all started to work fine again.

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