intel x-25m ssd problems under linux

i got my hands on INTEL SSDSA2M120G2GC disk. read performance was perfect but during writes it was throwing kernel errors left and right:

chmod gou+rwx -R / ?

once in a while i press enter too early. end result of changing permissions on the whole file system can be quite bad.

php / adodb – memory usage

i’ve got seemingly simple php script running every night on one of my servers… on the same machine i started to experience nightly oom-killer. i’ve found out that adodb’s Execute statement can do something completely else than you would expect from it – it loads whole result into memory rather than going row-by-row.

firefox speedup

from this site. and it seems to be working. Go to MenuTools -> Error Console Paste the following in the “Code:” text-box: Press Enter or click Evaluate. The database will thence be vacuumed immediately.

squid3 – basic config and more

it’s been a while since i’ve set up any [non]caching proxy servers. i’ve mostly dealt with reverse proxies, apache2 in 90% of cases, nginx – in few. below few copy&paste configs.

samba, rsync, rdiff

sometimes my backups are not consistent. rsync / samba to blame?

dd-wrt on dlink dir-600 b2 router

my old linksys router died violently – power led shines, but links on all lan ports were going down after few seconds from bootup. i bought replacement dlink dir-600 and decided to try dd-wrt firmware on it. it went better than expected!.

talking to SphinxQL from java

since a while Sphinx search can be queried not only by their own non-standard interface but also using regular mysql client. they call this feature SphinxQL.

replacement for esva

i’ve been happy user of ESVA / global-domination [virtual in my case] appliance for mail and antivirus filtering. unfortunately it seems that was one-man project and it’s pretty much dead by now. official website – no longer works since ~ march 2010.

exchange 2010 under windows 2008 r2

there is something about exchange… or at least exchange >2003. in 2008 i did my best to install exchange 2007 under windows 2008. and i failed miserably. i gave up and went for ex2003 under w2003 which serves very well. recently i tried to get ex2010 work under w2008r2. and i even succeeded after numerous ... Read More

dnssec panic

[scratchpad] read this. debian’s bind9 works just fine. for windows 2003 server dnscmd /Config /EnableEDnsProbes 1 based on this. i got an interesting answer here

partition alignment

i’ve got new hdd delivered. it’ll be used as one of rotated disks for offline backup storage. it is WDC WD15EARS-00Z5B1 – WD Caviar Green 1.5 TB and is one of first disks with 4kB physical sectors instead of 512B ones. i’ve read at some places about performance impact of miss-aligned linux partitions for write ... Read More

interface teaming / bonding + vlan under linux / debian

goal: layer-2 failover without any special features on the switch level. after recent hang of on of switches i’d like to improve reliability of connectivity within a server rack. i already have all servers connected to two different switches… now it’s time for automated failover.

calls from nagios

i’ve been using nagios to monitor my infrastructure for long time. in most cases it’s sending just e-mails. at ecowin/reuters i also had it connected with sms gateway. Siements TC35 connected via serial cable to linux box served us very well. i used debian’s scmxx to send messages. i’ve been thinking recently about using SIP ... Read More