hibernation for windows 2012 server

run cmd as admin and there: after that control panel>hardware>power options>change advanced power settings and hibernate is available that did a trick for windows 2012 server on an old poweredge 1950 server. unfortunately wake on lan refused to work despite of: in the control panel > network and internet > network connections for the lan ... Read More
i’m setting up some rented server. it has 2x ssd drives on which i’ll be running raid1 with mdadm with ext4. installation of debian wheezy went fine but i wanted to use fstrim to prevent write performance degradation over time. it did not work under 3.2.0 kernel giving me: after quick googling i learned that ... Read More

vmware esxi 5.1 keeping mac address after moving to a new hardware

i had to move hard disks containing installed esxi 5.1 from one server to another. after i booted up a new server there was an unexpected surprise for me… vmware ‘kept’ the mac address assigned to the management interface from the old machine. so for a while i had duplicate mac address: legitimately on the ... Read More

legitimate mail classified by amavis as

i use amavisd-new as content filter for incoming messages. today it decided to classify a plain-text part of the message containing: as a python executable and did not deliver the message. my solution – in the config file for amavis i’ve added an exception for anything that is detected to be python scripts:

dell 2135cn – 016-317 restart printer, contact support

i’ve bricked one of our printers. over the network upgrade of the dell 2135cn was interrupted and printer was most probably rebooted at the worst possible time – when it was flashing the new firmware. result? printer no longer responded over the network, the lcd panel displayed just: 016-317 restart printer contact support but… i’ve ... Read More

updating bios / firmware with help of linux, without cds and usb pendrives

from time to time i have to upgrade different types of firmwares in PCs – sometimes it’s bioses, sometimes raid/network/ssd firmware. until now i was either burning cd-rw with iso provided by the vendor or making some bootable usb pen-drive with free-dos or sth similar. but i stumbled on this one and it worked surprisingly ... Read More

poor man’s vm clonning under vsphere 5 without downtime

how to clone a virtual machine under vmware vsphere 5: using the vsphere client create a new vm with similar parameters [at least the same number and size of hard drives] using the vsphere client create a snapshot of the original vm log in via ssh as root [ to enable the ssh access check ... Read More

excel 2010 displays garbage when opening xls documents from the web

while migrating few dozens of users to new desktops with the new office 2010 i’ve encountered a problem: when users open xls [saved in the excel 97-2003 format] directly from the web browser and allow editing excel displays garbage. amount of garbage depends but sometimes it makes the spreadsheet completely unusable. things get even worse ... Read More


i like gtd, i’ve heard first time about the idea around 2006. since then i use some tiny-little-miniature form of it on daily basis; it boils down to writing things down, using reminders, tasks and todo lists. in other words – having OCD / being anal. i still manage to miss things, but in general ... Read More

[pl] petelicki

dobre podsumowanie serji brutalnych samobojstw tutaj. a lemingi w najlepsze griluja cieszac sie co tym co im mainstream podrzuci. ciekawe komentarze na stronie michalkiewicza. + dla przeciwwagi – confirmation bias aka efekt potwierdzenia.

extracting single database from a [large] mysqldump

extracting the whole database: sed -n '/^-- Current Database: `databaseName`/,/^-- Current Database: `/p' /path/to/the/fill/dump.sql > output.sql single table: sed -n '/^CREATE TABLE `tableName`/,/^\-\- Table structure for table /p' /path/to/the/fill/dump.sql > output.sql [via this blog]

new sphinx, new connector/j headaches

sphinx 2.0.3 is out; and as new drama of getting mysql’s connector/j begins. i did not figure out [yet] any way of making both work using the latest 5.1.18 connector, but at least i’ve managed to convince one that i use now [ 5.1.15 ] to work with sphinx. what works: mysql-connector-java-5.1.13-bin.jar but.. only if ... Read More

excluding some mysql queries from the slow query log

i keep close eye on the mysql-slow.log log of queries that take more than 1s to execute. but at the same time i know about few house-keeping queries that are executed few times per day that by design take longer to execute [eg table checksums]. i don’t want those queries to ‘pollute’ the slow query ... Read More


i take care of one HP server with ILO remote access card. but recently i started having problems with using web applet to connect to it.