calls from nagios

i’ve been using nagios to monitor my infrastructure for long time. in most cases it’s sending just e-mails. at ecowin/reuters i also had it connected with sms gateway. Siements TC35 connected via serial cable to linux box served us very well. i used debian’s scmxx to send messages. i’ve been thinking recently about using SIP ... Read More

firefighting – asn32 and quagga crash

debian lenny, out-of-the-box quagga_0.99.10-1lenny1_i386 symptoms of disaster in bgpd.log: 2009/05/03 14:00:47 BGP: Assertion `len < str_size' failed in file bgp_aspath.c, line 619, function aspath_make_str_count 2009/05/03 14:00:47 BGP: Backtrace for 14 stack frames: 2009/05/03 14:00:47 BGP: [bt 0] /usr/lib/ [0xb7f50a5a] 2009/05/03 14:00:47 BGP: [bt 1] /usr/lib/ [0xb7f50be7] [..]


20090317-malaga,antequera,torremolinos 20090318-torremolinos,ronda,manilva 20090319-manilva,gibraltar,la barrosa 20090320-la barrosa,cadiz,sevilla 20090321-sevilla,carmona,almodovar del rio,cordoba 20090322-cordoba 20090323-cordoba,sierra nevada,granada 20090324-granada,calahonda 20090325-calahonda,malaga 20090326-malaga pics: lesson learned: leaving car with couple of backpacks at the back seat in spain is bad idea. window to back door in ford focus + replacement costs 90E.


far is old school console file manager for windows. since quite a while it was open sourced but i’ve never had enough patience to find actual builds of it. now i got them: you can download lagal free builds of far woot !


i think i should start having regular job as tour-guide around goteborg. for last two weeks i was pretty busy with showing around two of my friends from poland – ola & rav. we’ve visited all usual suspects in goteborg, went to oslo, took sauna few times, had a party. i’ll do my best to ... Read More

slacker season

summer. 20-25 C degrees, sunshine. bike/swimming/going around just for sake of it just about every evening. almost perfect. some of those rare in-front-of-the-pc activities: i’ve installed ubuntu to see if it’s any good. verdict? e.. i already have debian, why should i get something like it that is not exactly debian? maybe if i would ... Read More

day after effect

usual ‘day after effect’. i’m not hanged over but yet not everything goes as it should. you wake up, feel quite fresh but yet failing to figure out what’s the point and meaning of things that happen around is more painful than usually. it’s that simple – after few drinks i get more depressed [or ... Read More