php / adodb – memory usage

i’ve got seemingly simple php script running every night on one of my servers… on the same machine i started to experience nightly oom-killer. i’ve found out that adodb’s Execute statement can do something completely else than you would expect from it – it loads whole result into memory rather than going row-by-row.

replacement for esva

i’ve been happy user of ESVA / global-domination [virtual in my case] appliance for mail and antivirus filtering. unfortunately it seems that was one-man project and it’s pretty much dead by now. official website – no longer works since ~ march 2010.

partition alignment

i’ve got new hdd delivered. it’ll be used as one of rotated disks for offline backup storage. it is WDC WD15EARS-00Z5B1 – WD Caviar Green 1.5 TB and is one of first disks with 4kB physical sectors instead of 512B ones. i’ve read at some places about performance impact of miss-aligned linux partitions for write ... Read More

calls from nagios

i’ve been using nagios to monitor my infrastructure for long time. in most cases it’s sending just e-mails. at ecowin/reuters i also had it connected with sms gateway. Siements TC35 connected via serial cable to linux box served us very well. i used debian’s scmxx to send messages. i’ve been thinking recently about using SIP ... Read More