Chumphon, Hua Hin

on my way from Koh Tao to Bangkok i’ve stayed for one night at Chumphon and then Hua Hin. the first one was totally not-touristy, second – quite opposite; i’m glad that i decided not to rush towards Thailand’s capital and visited both.

hiking on Koh Samui

during my recent trip to Thailand i’ve spent 4 days at the Koh Samui island. i’ve stayed in the southern part – near Baan Hua Thanon – fisherman village with quite obvious Muslim influence. the choice was great – area was not very touristy and a great starting point for hikes.

OVH, failover IPs, IPv6, VMs

at work we rent a dedicated server from OVH; except unexplained openvpn throttling all is working pretty well for the price we pay. besides primary IPv4 address OVH can provide few additional ‘failover’ IPv4 addresses and /64 IPv6 subnet. in our setup some of IPv4s and IPv6s are routed to a KVM VM. below – …

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Dell PowerEdge T20

i’ve bought 2x Dell PowerEdge t20 – they’ll serve as HA pair of routers/vpn endpoints/file servers for a new office. it was the first time i played with intel amt. it’s not bad but neither perfect.

sphinx text search – sorting the results by relevancy

a while ago i helped a colleague with moving away from mysql-based text search based on MATCH .. AGAINST to sphinxsearch to improve the performance. without much surprise this helped a lot to improve the response time. recently i was asked to take a look at the setup again and see if we can do …

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chrooted bind9 with geodns under debian wheezy

at work we’ll soon make use of dns-based geo load balancing to have users in americas / asia ‘talk’ with north am site and rest of the world – with the european site. we preferred to avoid modifying the client application so the dns based solution seemed reasonable. below – quick overview of the setup …

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