i got another chance to visit Asia. instead of suffering cold, dark and cold January in Sweden i’ve spent 3 weeks in mild Hong Kong & Macau, tropically hot Singapore and pleasantly warm Vietnam.

balkans – again

so i’ve hit the road again – packed my trusted 8-10yo travel bag, took laptop, camera + 3 lenses, kindle with 400+documents waiting to be read or deleted, mp3 player, gps, two mobile phones, earplugs, some old clothes and nothing more. i’ve even left intentionally at home travel guides borrowed from the local library – ... Read More

Benford’s law

by a coincidence [process well described in this xkcd’s comics] i’ve stumbled on the definition of Benford’s law. since i have access to quite a lot of different economic & financial data i’ve decided to check if that law applies also to it.