3+ weeks in Portugal

i’ve been thinking about working remotely for a few weeks from some warm[er] country for quite some time. finally i’ve tried – i’ve spent 3+weeks in Portugal while taking just 2 days of holidays. all went surprisingly well.

agentless monitoring of linux servers from ossec

we’ve been poking around ossec for a while. it’s nice and all but… i never liked the idea of opening additional ports on the production server or letting it ‘call home’ with alerts to the central monitoring machine. i prefer ‘polling’ model where central server communicates with monitoring nodes. ideally all should be done via …

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Benford’s law

by a coincidence [process well described in this xkcd’s comics] i’ve stumbled on the definition of Benford’s law. since i have access to quite a lot of different economic & financial data i’ve decided to check if that law applies also to it.

switching reverse proxy from apache2 to nginx

i’ve been planning for a while to move away from apache2 as a reverse proxy in front of java appservs and start using nginx. i had two reasons: nginx can handle much better large number of concurrent connections [something we can make use of if we start using long-poll/comet], nginx gives more control over buffering …

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